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Shepparton Tiling & Waterproofing

Shepparton Tiling & Waterproofing


Using tiles to decorate your home is a great way to have a fresh modern look that is visually pleasing and easy to maintain.  At Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing, our team of experts are here to support clients with all types of tiling installation. We also provide home and business owners with waterproofing services. It is to keep their tiling damage resistant and look fresh.

Picking the right types of tiles for your kitchens and bathrooms can be overwhelming. This is why we’re here to guide you through the process.  We not only use the highest quality materials but also provide professional service that makes your home look great.

About Us
Our tilers are some of the finest craftsmen in the company, with years of experience in providing tiling and waterproofing in Shepparton. Our local company is licensed and insured. Therefore, clients are guaranteed a safe and friendly service, as well as a high-quality job that lasts.  We help our clients with all types of bathroom ideas and bathroom renovations. It includes kitchens and pool tiling needs.  From walls to floors, we cover it all.  Our tile installers and waterproofers are the best in the business. We provide the highest quality labour and most innovative materials at an affordable price.

If you have a question, you may find the answer on our FAQ page.


    Our Services

    At Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing we are a full-service company that covers all of tiling and waterproofing needs.  Whether it’s tiling a floor or making sure a shower has well-installed grouting, our Shepparton tiling company is the right team for the job.  We provide clients with beautiful and speedy bathroom renovations and shower repairs.  With our expert guidance, clients are able to choose the tiling materials that work best for them, including our expert stone tiling installations. Our designers create beautiful pool tiling that leaves your backyard looking new and refreshed.  Not only do we provide tiling services, but we also install the waterproofing that protects your investment.

    Are you interested in learning more about tiling for your home or business? Read the Shepparton Tiling Blog for tips and information about tiling.

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    Bathroom Renovations

    Bathroom renovations can be a wonderful way to upgrade the look of a home.  We provide tiling for bathrooms, from shower tiling to tiling bathroom walls.  Our experts help clients from start to finish with their bathroom projects.  From choosing a custom design and materials through overseeing the installation project, we are there to support every step of the way.  Our Shepparton bathroom company provides beautiful installations ensuring every finishing detail, including grouting and silicone sealing, is done to perfection.

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    Making sure your home or commercial tiling is properly maintained is a great way to protect your investment.  With our waterproofing services, we provide both indoor and outdoor waterproofing maintenance, including bathroom waterproofing and protecting pools and their surrounding areas.  Choosing the best waterproofing membranes for the job, our high-quality work will help your tiles and water adjacent areas last a long time.  We’re here to make sure your homes and businesses are protected against leaks.

    tiler doing pool tiling

    Pool Tiling

    Installing or updating pool tiling during renovations or repairs can bring new life to a backyard.  Our team works with glass and porcelain tiling that gives a pool that relaxing, spa vibe.  Our tilers can also create custom mosaics for your pool.  We make sure our pool tiling is fully waterproof and durable, meaning they’ll last until you’re ready for a new look.  We also service areas surrounding the pool with outdoor tiling to complete the full backyard ambience.

    "I noticed a weird smell coming from my bathroom after using the shower and decided to have the room checked out by professionals, and I’m glad I did.  Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing came to my home to and within minutes they were able to diagnose the cause as faulty tiling.  They fixed my shower tiling within 24 hours and the smell hasn’t come back since. ” – Reese G

    tiler doing hand measurement

    “My family had just moved into a new home, and while we loved our pool, we weren’t so fond of the design the previous owners had installed.  We called Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing to help us draw up a new design and install our new tiles.  Our pool looks great, and we couldn’t be happier with their work and professionalism” – Jordan A

    tiler applying tiles on wall

    “The tiles in my bathroom were looking less than wonderful no matter how much I cleaned them.  My sister recommended Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing, and they quickly diagnosed the problem.  No one had told me before that bathroom tiles needed to be sealed and waterproofed.  Their waterproofers came in and quickly fixed my problem and now my bathroom looks much better!” – Sophie M

    a finished look bathroom

    Shower Repairs

    Having a shower that doesn’t work or is leaking can be a headache for any homeowner.  That’s why with our shower repairs, our shower tiling team helps stop leaks and prevent future ones from occurring.  Our bathroom tiling experts can quickly identify problems. They target the area, whether it be with new tiling installation or updating the silicone installation.  We provide fast and friendly service. They correct issues and leaves the shower with a tiling job that is safe and secure.

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    When clients are looking for a Shepparton tiler, they know they can trust our company. We provide the quality floor tiling and wall tiling for their project needs.  We advise our clients on the best materials. Whether it be durable porcelain floor tiling or beautiful ceramic tiling that best compliments space.  Our team provides tiling for a kitchen splashback or subway tiling that makes any room look more modern.   We can even tile over tiles as long as the existing tiles are undamaged.

    tile doing tiling wall floor

    Stone Tiling

    One of the best ways to give a home a unique and high-class look is through the use of stone tiling.  Our Shepparton tilers help clients find the stone tiling materials that are right for the area being renovated.  As opposed to porcelain tiling, stone tiles are natural, meaning each tile has a unique look.  These tiles can be tricky. This is why our experts provide an impeccable job from the tile underlay through the proper sealing. It is to prevent scratching and other damages.

    tiler doing stone tilng

    Contact Us Today

    As a local Shepparton tiling and bathroom company, we are here to help our community with all of the home and commercial tiling needs.  We love our clients and want to ensure their happiness from start to finish of their tiling and waterproofing projects.  When you contact us, our experts are here to guide you through every step of your tiling job. They will advise you on the best materials for the installation and helping with renovation designs.  Give us a call to get a quote for tiling installations, or any waterproofing projects.  Our representatives are ready to set your consultation appointment, so call today to get your home improvement projects started.