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Countertops are essential bathroom fixtures, for they are among the first things you see when you enter this room. However, due to the passage of years, you may begin to feel that the countertop in your bathroom has existed there since time immemorial. 

Therefore, with such a thought, you may want to change the outdated design and either remodel it or install a new one. On the other hand, you may be a new homeowner seeking ideas of bathroom countertops for your new house. Read on for the latest designs. 

Bathroom renovation job done in Shepparton with white countertop

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Countertops 

Functionality is a prime factor that you are considering when choosing countertop material for your bathroom. However, this room doesn’t take the beating a kitchen one does due to rolling pins, knives, and hot utensils. 

Therefore, appearance should be your primary concern when it comes to bathroom countertops. Fortunately, the components are generally custom-made, thus leaving you with a broader option of style and design to choose from based on your taste.  

In that case, choose breathtaking countertops for the bathroom and functional one for the kitchen. Let your choice make a statement, be still practical, and offer enough workspace. 

Some of the factors that you should also consider are; 

How Often You Will Use this Bathroom

You should consider whether the bathroom is a lower-use powder room, over-the-top master bath, or daily family use. A full bathroom is messy, for it is exposed to products like creams, hairspray, makeup, and toothpaste, among others. These personal care products may get smeared on the surfaces of the countertops while kids may even stick gums or other items on them. 

A powder room, on the other hand, may not experience such a kind of traffic and use; thus, its limited use may always keep the countertop clean. Therefore, choose a countertop based on the room use level. 

The Number of People using it

A household with kids and teenagers requires countertops made of durable and easy to made materials for its always messy. 

The amount of time You Intend to live in the Home

 You need to consider whey you are upgrading the sink. If this is your property, then you can splurge more and install attractive countertops. On the other hand, you should install the right looking and practical countertops if you are renovating the house for sale. 

Further, it should have a sink and countertop that is easy to clean and not delicate because of children. 

The Type of Sink

An easy-to-clean sink should be matched with a solid surface, concrete, or glass countertops. You need to choose either an under-mount, drop-in, or vessel style sink. Picking the sink first will help when fabricating the countertop. 

Common Countertop Materials  

Bathroom renovation job we completed in Shepparton with marble countertop

1.Laminate Countertops 

These are countertops with plastic layers that are fixed to a particleboard core to make the surface stable. Laminated countertops can be customized based on your preferences. These countertops are ideal for powder rooms and guest bathrooms and not areas where style is critical, like master baths. 


  • They are affordable and economical. 
  • They are flexible and can be customized based on your favourite design.  
  • Available in a wide range of patterns and colours. 
  • Easy to clean and have low maintenance. 


  • It’s considered as a low-cost material. 
  • They are lightweight and have to be supported by other materials. 
  • You have to replace it when it gets damaged because it can’t be repaired.  

2. Traditional Tile Materials 

These are countertops made of porcelain, ceramic or glass tiles. These materials are common in modern bathrooms because technology is being used to enhance their quality and designs.  

Ceramic tiles are made of clay, and the surface hardened through heating. Porcelain is a ceramic that has more beautiful clay that is heated under higher temperatures. Therefore, porcelain material is denser and harder, thus suitable for countertops and floors.   

Glass tiles have a higher aesthetic value than ceramics but are delicate. They have more designs and styles. They are all installed in the same way. 


  • It’s easy to install these tiles. 
  • They have numerous design options. 
  • Ceramic and glass tiles are relatively affordable even though they are ranked among the premium countertop options. 


  • These tiles have grout lines that get stained and discoloured with time; thus, additional maintenance costs. 
  • Tiles are brittle and susceptible to chip or crack.  
  • They require sealing, thus are expensive to maintain. 

3. Solid Surface 

These are materials made from the combination of polyester and acrylic particles that are joined together by resins. These materials resemble stone, have different shapes, and can be customized to any design. 


  • They have a consistent pattern and colouring; therefore, it’s easy to find a matching fixture. 
  • The material can be used to make countertops with integrated sink basins.  
  • It’s easy to clean a solid surface and can be repaired by sanding. 


  • The material can be easily scorched by heat. Therefore, you have to be careful when using equipment like curling irons.   
  • Solid-surface material has an only artificial stone look, and the material is inferior to the stone surface. 

4. Natural Stone 

These comprise slate, soapstone, marble, granite, and limestone, or travertine. These are superior material for your countertops. A stone cut into a solid slab, and an opening is created for the sink. You can also use granite, limestone, or marble tiles in the same way you use ceramic tiles on countertops. 

Different stones have different characteristics.  

  • Slate is less porous and stain-resistant. 
  • Soapstone is both non-porous and more comfortable to care for. 
  • Limestone is relatively porous but can be sealed to enhance it. 
  • Marble is beautiful for its heavily veined and has infinite patterns and colours. It’s also relatively porous and has to be sealed regularly.  
  • Granite has varying colours and fewer veins. 


  • Natural stones are at the top of the premium building material and are luxuriant. 
  • The stones tiles are unique, the high-end design looks, and you can’t have two identical countertops. 
  • They are long-lasting when sealed.  


  • They are costly to maintain, for you have to seal them regularly. 
  • They are expensive. 


It’s a popular countertop surface because it’s customizable. You can polish, stain, texturize, or even embed stone, tile, or polished glass on it.   


  • It’s a trending countertop material and is highly customizable in shape, texture, colours, and decorative inlays. 
  • Countertops are reliable and durable. 


  • It requires an expert during installation. 
  • You have to replace it when it cracks. 
  • They are very heavy; thus, you need a sturdy base cabinet. 

There are lots of design options to choose from, and Shepparton tiling and waterproofing are available to replace or install a countertop of your choice.  Please contact us at 0490 379 184 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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