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Tiles act as a protective surface for areas of your home. They serve something more than their function. They play an essential role in your home’s interior design by fostering an environment which adds to the living space’s look and feels. Because of this importance, choosing from the plethora of styles, colours, textures, shapes, and materials can sometimes be challenging. You don’t need to worry now, though, because we’ll give you the best bathroom ideas Shepparton, and designs!

Luxurious bathroom renovated in Shepparton with marble tiles

3 Important Tips to Remember  

Bathroom design ideas should discuss and explore the significant aspects of colour, lighting, and balance for a more harmonized bathroom renovation. Below are the aspects that would contribute to success in tiling and bathroom redesign.  


Today, the growing trend for using more colour in homes and bathrooms have been increasing and getting massive day by day. However, we are still reluctant to use other colours other than from white tiles in our bathrooms. Trends may come and go, but the colours will have a much more tangible and lasting effect. It will be better to use these colours as a launching pad in designing your next tiling and bathroom project. Color white is always the best option for a bathroom tile category, but why not mix and blend things up, combining them with a beautiful mixture in shades, tones, or patterns to complement your style? Apply this bathroom ideas Shepparton and play with colours according to your preference!  


In tile installations in bathrooms, lighting plays a massive part in how the total output will appear. Contemporary spaces now have many lights, including parts inside the bath, shower stalls, and even high walls. By integrating these bathroom ideas Shepparton, an outstanding sense of lighting in a space can create a contemporary feel, and the way lightings are placed a dramatic difference in the appearance of the tile. Always remember that lighting can be a factor in just the smallest variance and can cast a vast difference influencing how the tiles look.  

Balance and Planes  

Another bathroom ideas Shepparton in transforming your space is that if you wish to have a perfect and beautiful bathroom, you must always pay attention to balance and sort everything in an organized manner. Ideally, it’s visually effective to create an exquisitely balanced bathroom. With balance, the functional and visual weight is allotted evenly as well as creating a serene and organized atmosphere.  

6 Aesthetically Pleasing Bathroom Ideas and Designs  

Contemporary Gray and White 

Minimalist designs use a short-range of palette colour, monochromatic, with colour sometimes utilized as an emphasis to create a calming surrounding or environment. Embracing this type of design, with white walls and shades of dark grey porcelain wall and floor tiles makes it more in the face of less. The fixtures and accessories are also simple in this design; however, the impact is enormous. Considering these bathroom ideas, Shepparton will bring you an essence of serene and relaxation.  

Large Scale of Marble  

Marble is a top-of-the-line material that is famous for its exquisite and luxurious beauty. Marble comes with its unique colouring and style for a natural rock. This tile also has access to a variant of differing colours and patterned portions to choose from. The neutral polish of marble allows the natural beauty and its attribute to spark through at its best without any obstacles.  

Beige Domination  

We all know that colours play a significant role in the bathroom in creating visual value. As a homeowner, you must know the perfect theme of the bathroom you like. The kind of themes that will satisfy your mood with the right accessories and furniture. One of the most attractive themes in the bathroom sector is by transforming your bathroom into beige. Many interior designers acknowledge beige as a colour of comfort and retreat. Moreover, beige and details such as straight edges and geometric shapes can play significantly by bringing a bright bathroom as a medium for a bliss feeling.  

White Power  

Playing contrasting textures to create a simple and relaxing environment through white tiles for walls and floors is one of the best bathroom ideas Shepparton in interior designing. Majority of homeowners claimed that white bathrooms remain their solid favourite colour for bathrooms. White details can create a spa-style sanctuary. It also offers a prominent format by using white as a sanitary starting line.  

Wood and Rustic 
Recent bathroom renovated in Bendigo with porcelain tiles

The elegance of a tile revolves around in the textures. If you are decorating a country house or trying to create a warm and cozy rustic decor, to achieve that look is all about texture. This bathroom ideas Shepparton designs for bathrooms include recycled wood, galvanized metal, raw stone and cast iron. Such natural and less polished tiling materials give every room a feeling of outstanding craftsmanship. It also convey a sense of character. This is especially true in your bathroom, where only a few subtle items and elements can have a significant aesthetic and stylistic impact. 

Pebble Tile  

Natural pebble marbles are attached to form pebble tiles or shards of pebbles with resin. These stones come from the Indonesian and Bali islands, and their colour and sizes separate these. Pebble stones tiles are much in demand nowadays due to its coarse yet attractive appearance. There are many stone pebbles which are used in various applications. Pebble Tile flooring is used to give your bathroom a unique look. Pebbles are used in outdoor patios for landscape, construction, and decorative elements. Pebblestone tile, from traditional to contemporary, can be beautifully thematized with any ambience. 

Tile with multitude of patterns  

This bathroom design features a distinctive diagonal design with an inset border. It can stand in sharp contrast with the checkerboard floor design, etc. The array of angles and patterns makes the bathroom dramatically energy-efficient, but it is not distracting in its neutral colour. And this is what makes patterns unique and beautiful when complemented in a bathroom.

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