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The market has a wide range of tiling materials for your upcoming renovation project. However, selecting the best tiles for your home can be daunting if you have never taken an interest in these flooring materials. 

Some of the popular tiles are ceramic and porcelain; however, little is known metal, cement, glass, or stone tiles, yet they are excellent flooring materials. It’s even confusing to know that not all floor tiling Shepparton has can be installed in every room in the house. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how each tiling material can be used in your home.

Bathroom floor tiling job done in Shepparton with gray finish wood look porcelain tiles

The following are eight types of floor tiling material in Shepparton. 

Ceramic Tiles 

These are a common type of tiling material due to their broad application in the house. These tiles have increased durability and versatility; thus, a perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. 

Further, it’s easy to install ceramic tiles, clean, and maintain them. They come in lots of different sizes, as well as shapes and styles; thus, you can fit them in any design. 

Ceramic material is one of the best floor tiling Shepparton has that is economical and can add the aesthetic value of your home. You can choose either unglazed tiles with a decorative, rustic finish or glazed ceramic tiles that have a classy look and water-resistant properties.   

Porcelain Tiles  

These are also the most preferred tiles in the market. Many homeowners opt for these flooring materials because they resemble natural stones, wood, or brick. That means you can enjoy the same elegant finish at no extra cost.  

Porcelain is an all-purpose tile that has little to no upkeep requirements. Like ceramic tiles, it comes in different colours, designs, and styles, thus offering your freedom to design the space according to your wants and preference. 

You can use these tiles for exterior applications because they don’t fade, freeze or crack. For indoor use, you can install them in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom as well as kitchen backsplashes. 

One of the porcelain tiles’ downside is that you need a tiling expert like Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing because they are installed using adhesive.   

Glass Tiles 

These are another set of the best floor tiling Shepparton has. The material is resistant to stain, thus making it a better option compared to natural stones. The red wine will not stain the tiles, while acidic foods like vinegar and lemon will not react with this surface.   

Further, glass tiles offer a minimalistic aesthetic, are easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, these tiles chip easily on the edges, and for that reason, they shouldn’t be used on the bathroom and kitchen floors. Instead, consider them for smaller applications in areas with less traction such as around the fireplace, tabletops, and backsplash. 

Metal Tiles  

These tiles offer superior durability and modern kitchen aesthetic. The cost of these tiles is similar to installing natural stone like limestone, granite, slate, and marble. 

Metal tiles are excellent floor tiling Shepparton has because they withstand the test of time in terms of function and look.  

They work well on surfaces such as utility room, bar, and kitchen but not for baths or outdoor use. 

Quarry Tiles  

These are flooring materials similar to brick, but these are technically stronger. The tiles are made from ground minerals such as clay, feldspar, and shale. The mixture is baked above 2000 degrees. 

Thus, this floor tiling Shepparton material derives its name from the place where the ground minerals are sourced, which is the quarry. The high temperatures make these tiles nonporous, naturally dense, incredibly low in water absorption, and water-resistant.   

These tiles are glazed or unglazed, and you don’t have to seal them. 

Mosaic Tiles 

These tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and styles. They are the best option for the wall applications where you need to create an accent. However, it would help if you used the mosaic tiles sparingly, and they can become dated quickly. These are the factors to consider when selecting where to install them in your house. 

Cement–Bodied Tiles  

These tiles are suitable for high-traffic areas that are prone to wear and tear, such as bathroom and kitchen. They are listed among the best floor tiling Shepparton has because of being healthy and durable. However, you have to seal them if you want to install them in wet environments.  

Additionally, the tiles are costly to purchase and install; however, if you lay and maintain them properly, they can give years of service. 

Natural Stone Tiles 

There are several natural stone tiles in the market. They include marble, limestone, granite travertine, among others. 

Bathroom floor tiling  we completed in Shepparton with marble tiles

It resembles marble in terms of feel and looks due to its natural particles. This natural stone is extremely overused, and as a result, many homeowners consider it as a cheaper alternative. 

Granite tiles are used in the laundry room and in places where performance and cost are your priority. 


This natural stone is installed to give your home a rustic style due to its natural shade, tones, and variation. The material is durable, and because limestone is soft, it’s easy to cut and shape into specific patterns. The downside of limestone is that it’s porous, but you can improve its durability by sealing it properly. It’s the best floor tiling Shepparton has due to its luxurious appearance. Reserve limestone tiles for outdoor applications in areas such as patio due to its perfect final look.   


The tiling material offers you beautiful neutral tones that range from grey to beige to tan. You can use this material to make an elegant, unique statement. Like other natural stone materials, travertine needs extra maintenance and regular resealing. They are best suited for low-traffic areas to minimize etching, scratches, and stains. 


It’s ranked among the most robust standard stone that you can use as a floor finish material. The natural stone has built-in rigidity that makes it resistant to scratches, cracks, chips, and breaks. You have to seal slate tiles to make them stain resistant, and if you maintain it properly, it will last for decades. 


It’s a highly durable natural stone that is available in several colours. These tiles have multiple finishes, such as brushed, honed, and tumbled. These are the best floor tiling Shepparton has because they can be installed any room in your home.  

There you have the list of flooring material for your home. They all offer high aesthetic value and increase the price of your home; however, you have to install them correctly. 

Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing is experienced in tiles installation; you can contact them for a quote.   

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