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When your planning on landscaping your home, building a new porch or creating a patio in your backyard outdoor tiling is always part of the equation, outdoor tiles are very invaluable material for your outdoor landscaping and beautification projects. They add texture and colour to your landscape as well as providing a durable and versatile surface. Choosing the right outdoor tile is crucial because they are regularly exposed to the elements, weather, and sunlight. They are also exposed to abrasive dirt and stone. This can scratch or damage tiles that are not rated for the outdoors.

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Considering the Climate

The climate and weather can play an essential role in what tile choose for your outdoor tiling project. Exposure to sunlight can cause your tile to crack especially tiles that are rated for indoor use. Exposure to rain and water can also damage your tiling if not installed correctly, so it is essential to consider the weather and climate before deciding on buying the tiles for your outdoor tiling project.

What You Will Be Using the Tile For

The function of the tile can also determine the tile you need for your outdoor tiling project. If the outdoor tile is for decorative and finishing purposes for your garden or landscape then you just need a light-duty tile, If you need it as a flooring material for your patio or outdoor living space, then we recommend that you choose medium-duty tiles that are designed for light to medium foot traffic and are resistant to scratches from abrasive dirt. If you’re using them as a pathway through your yard or garage, then we recommend using pavers since they are designed to handle heavier loads and stand-up to more massive foot traffic compared to your ordinary outdoor tile.

The Amount of Light

The amount of light can play an essential role in choosing the right colour for your outdoor tiling project. Bright colours reflect more light which is perfect for covered patios or roofed outdoor living spaces. Bright coloured tiles require more cleaning because they tend to show dirt when they are dirty quickly. Dark coloured tiles absorb light, and they can have higher surface temperatures compared to tiles with lighter colours. Tiles with darker colours also need less cleaning as dirt and stains won’t show as quickly compared to light coloured tiles.

The Texture and Slip Resistance of Your Tiles

Choosing the right texture and surface finish on your outdoor tiles can have a significant impact on the safety of your outdoor space, especially for homes that have wet weather. Water can cause certain types of tiles to be more slippery, which can be a health risk for occupants in your house, especially for small children who love running and playing outdoors. We recommend that you consult with professional tiling contractors to help you choose the right tile with the right texture for your home. When it comes to outdoor tiles, you always have plenty of choices, especially when it comes to choosing the right texture.

Outdoor Tile Installation

Proper installation of outdoor tiles is essential to ensure adequate waterproofing and longevity. Special attention to the grouting and spacing is placed on outdoor tiles to ensure that they can stand up to constant exposure to the sunlight and the elements. Proper sloping and drainage are also considered when installing outdoor tiles for your patio.

Poorly installed tiles are prone to cracking because of sub-standard installation techniques used. Another sign of poorly installed tiles is water drainage problems. That is why the water is collected in sections of your outdoor tiling due to uneven surfaces. We recommend that you consult with professional tile installers so you can get the best results for your money. It will also avoid costly back jobs and project re-do.

Types of Tiles for Your Outdoor Tiling Project

Outdoor tiling job done in Shepparton with porcelain tiles

Choosing the right type of outdoor tiles can help turn your flat backyard into a beautiful landscape. There are plenty of outdoor tiles to choose from with different designs, shapes, patterns, textures, and materials that it can sometimes be confusing to choose the right one for your home. Outdoor tiles can vary in price, so it is best to know your options ahead to help you plan your home improvement and outdoor tiling project.

1. Ceramic Non-Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic non-porcelain tiles have been one of the favourite outdoor tiling materials of choice for most homes. They are very affordable and also very durable, making them the perfect choice for homeowners on a budget. There are a lot of choices when it comes to ceramic non-porcelain tiles. There are plenty of colours, patterns, and textures to choose from the will surely match the design of your home and your landscape. Ceramic non-porcelain tiles also require less maintenance and can last a long time if properly installed.

2. Ceramic Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic porcelain tiles are a more premium version of ceramic non-porcelain tiles. These tiles are more durable and versatile thanks to their improved manufacturing processes compared to your ordinary ceramic tiles. They are relatively more expensive but is still one of the top outdoor wall and flooring material of choice. They have more vivid colours and patterns compared to ordinary ceramic. Ceramic porcelain tiles are perfect for homeowners who want an intricately designed landscape or patio.

3. Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are the more luxurious choice. They are perfect for homeowners who want an added touch of sophistication to their outdoor living area. There are plenty of types of natural stone available like slate, travertine, limestone, granite, sandstone, and other natural stones. The cost of natural stone tile can vary depending on the type of natural stone. Each type of natural stone tiles has its unique natural properties. That is why we strongly recommend that you consult with professional tile installers to ensure that you are choosing the right outdoor tile for your home. Natural stone tiles are considerably more expensive than to other types of tiles, but they are more durable and resilient. Uniquely if placed thanks to their natural properties outdoors.

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