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Pool Tiling

tiler working on pool tiling

The luxury of having a beautiful pool as part of your home is something we at Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing really appreciate.  This is why our team of experts are here to help our clients make sure they enjoy their pools to the fullest.  We help conceive pool designs that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.  Our experts provide support on both new builds and renovations, as well as being a part of repairs on older pools.  For the pool area, we also provide outdoor tiling for decks to create a cohesive space the homeowner can thoroughly enjoy.


Many factors go into the pool design, which is why our team makes the process as simple as possible for our clients.  From picking the right design, whether its monochromatic tiling or intricate mosaic tiling, we draft up the appropriate plans that make their visions come to life.  Whether our clients prefer glass tiling or porcelain tiling, we work with our suppliers to get the samples that help make the decision.  Not only do we want to enhance the appearance of the pool area, but make sure we provide a design and installation that will last with minimal required maintenance.

New Builds and Renovations

One way to change the appearance of your home is to update the pool area to give it a fresher, more modern look.  Our clients come to us with their pool renovation needs because they know we deliver unique designs with high-quality workmanship and materials.  Whether clients want a fully new design, or to update the pool’s appearance from previous owners, we’re the team for the job.  We help clients make the right decisions for their pool tiling, including what types of tiles best suit the job.  We can even install unique mosaic designs that give pools an extra level shimmer.


Another component of our pool tiling expertise is combining our tiling and waterproofing services to make sure a pool is safe and sanitary for its users.  We replace and restore cracked, delaminated and otherwise damaged tiles, installing a new look for the pool, or blending new tiles with the existing ones.  Damages to pool tiles are often a result of a poor initial installation, and where necessary we can correct improperly laid foundations to prevent future cracks.  Our waterproofing services can also help address liner leaks that may contaminate the pool.  Our goal is to increase the durability and beauty of our client’s pool.


Though decks aren’t directly a part of a pool, they’re a necessary neighbour that our clients want to fit seamlessly with their pools.  We provide deck tiling that enhances the appearance of any backyard space.  Decks can be made from various materials, including stone, or even wood tiles that are made from teak.  Whichever material is chosen, we select the right waterproofing membrane to ensure the surface is properly sealed and rot-resistant.  Our carefully designed, fully waterproofed decks are not only beautiful and practical but ensure the homeowner needs less maintenance through the course of its lifetime.