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Bathroom Renovations


Updating to a new modern bathroom is a great way to freshen up the look of any home.  Our Shepparton bathroom tiling experts are here to make that process as simple as possible for our clients.  Starting with the initial design, we help set our clients on the journey to a more luxurious bathroom.  From tiling bathroom walls to the sealing the tiles, we make sure every detail is taken care of.  For partial renovations, we also offer shower repairs that help protect homes from water damage.  After the installation, we provide all the finishing touches that ensure your new bathroom will last.


Having a modern bathroom installed by our tilers can make a home feel like a more relaxing place to be.  During bathroom renovations, our designers guide clients to a custom-tailored design that fits their domestic aesthetic, including the types of tiling that work best whether it be porcelain or ceramic tiling.  Our renovation services include entirely new designs, as well as refits and shower tiling that match an existing design.  We offer our clients unique bathroom ideas that maximise the use of the space.  Throughout the installation, we can also act in a supervising role with other contractors, overseeing the entire project.

Bathroom Tiling

When it comes to bathroom tiling, our Shepparton tiling company offers the best craftsmanship in the region.  We work closely with our clients to understand what aesthetics best fit their ideas, from porcelain tiling to custom bathroom mosaics.  Our professionals are knowledgable about all aspects of tiling for bathrooms, including shower tiling and choosing the right waterproofing membrane to keep it protected.  When it comes to tiling bathroom walls, we make sure the materials are as beautiful as they are functional for simple maintenance.  For tiling a floor, we ensure the tiles are properly sealed to protect against water damage.

Shower Repair

One way of updating a bathroom is making sure a new design consists of necessary shower repairs.  For many homes, finding signs of a leaky shower is how the homeowner knows it’s time for an upgrade.  Repairing a shower not only saves the house from potential long term damages but is a great opportunity to update the look of a bathroom.  During our shower repairs, we do a leak assessment to see if there are problem areas that need to be targeted.  We may suggest new shower tiling or simple crack repair.  Our team makes sure that in all cases, we provide the waterproofing that ensures the shower’s longevity.

Finishing Touches

Whether engaging in a partial or full bathroom renovation, we make sure our bathrooms are fully attended to from start to finish.  We use silicone installations to seal the edges of a shower as well as double-check the grouting on all tiles.  Our team values the visual appearance of the new bathroom but also wants to make sure every component is functioning as it should.  We make sure to prevent leaks, which not only present a safety hazard but can also lead to major problems for the homeowner.  We stand behind our workmanship which is why we ensure the longevity of our products.