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Tiling is a difficult job that demands skills and hard work. Finding Shepparton Bathroom Tiling professionals may get harder for you because the number of professional and skilful tilers is decreasing day by day. For a perfect and good-looking bathroom, you need two things. The first one is a good selection of tiles, and the other is a good selection of tiler. 

You will realize the difficulty that’s lies behind this apparent easy task, once you do it by yourself. You will soon get stuck in the most fundamental parts of tiling like aligning or selecting the appropriate tile. In the market, tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. All you have to do is to pick the right one for you. But as options get more and more, the selection also gets more and more difficult.  

And then you will have to find an experienced and reliable tiler. Who can deliver you the desired results and minimum cost and sources? Only the tiling professionals fit into this criterion. If you’re unsure how to accomplish these two tasks, don’t worry. This article is a lantern for you to guide you through this venture until the end of it.  

Bathroom tiling job done by our tiling professionals in Shepparton with white porcelain tiles

Personal recommendations 

It is a common practice that before buying something new to eat, we ask our friends or family if they have eaten it, if yes then how was it and is it worth to be eaten or is it just a waste of money. This practice is beneficial in avoiding wastage of time and money both. You should also apply this practice to find a good and experienced Shepparton Bathroom Tiling expert for you.  

Just ask your friends or family or anyone you trust, who recently had their bathroom renovated or had some tiling work in their home, about the tiler they hire and whether he was a good one and are they satisfied with work, if they give good reviews about his work then contact him to do your tiling work too. Simple! 

Find a tradesman website 

In this era of science and technology, the internet is the most significant source of information about anyone or anything. Shepparton Bathroom Tiling Professionals always have an online website to showcase their work and experience or otherwise at least have social media accounts from where people or customers can approach them or can see their previous work or services they provide. If you have an online presence and have updated social media accounts, then you are most probably a legitimate and authentic business; otherwise, people don’t trust those with no online presence.  

Social media 

Social media, as mentioned above, is a great source to introduce your self in the world or get free publicity. It now includes a bunch of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many others. The best thing is it is free to operate these and are the best advertising platform for your business. You can approach your desired audience through them.  

Your social media profile can tell a lot about your business because now they allow users to rate and leave reviews about business profiles about how their experience was with them and new customers to trust those reviews and take the chance to hire them. Most professional tilers keep their social media game secure. 

Professional guidance 

Its basic principle of life that we seek guidance from those who know about it. Whether its an entry test or life. We ask our seniors and elders about it as they know about it. This is the same for tiling. You should ask a professional tiler for guidance to avoid pitfalls. A piece of professional tiler advice can be precious and helpful to you. Ask them about which tiles suits what place or what layout should you choose. Shepparton Bathroom Tiling professionals have a vast network of professional tilers and contractors all around the region. We are trusted by our customers; that is why we are the first option of everyone around here for tiling. 

Getting quote 

Professional tilers have fixed quotes for fixed work. They don’t try to hide expenses or bargain with it. They know how much the material is going to coast and how much work is going to take. It all is in their head. They can give you an estimate in an instant. Always ask for quotes from more than 3 or 4 people so you can compare them and hire the most suitable one for you. This is the best method to save money and ensure the best results. 

Few more tips for perfect bathroom renovation tiling project 

The right tiles 

The market is flooding with tiles options. There are separate tiles for every different place of the house. The kitchen has a variety of tiles, while the bathroom has its own. You should never apply kitchen ones in the bathroom or vice versa; otherwise, you are going to ruin the look of them. I always ask for some advice before choosing the tile for your house so you will not waste money on the wrong tiles. 

Tiling purpose 

There must be a purpose behind installing tiles. If you are going to tiles your bathroom, then there must be soothing and calm effect in the bathroom after tiling work. So, for this purpose, you choose the tiles and material accordingly. You must keep the purpose in your head before choosing tiles and even when applying them. 

Desired space 

It is an optical effect that large tiles give a spacious effect to the room while smaller tiles give the opposite effect. You should be, or at least your tiler must be aware of these tricks and information to give you the best results. 


Nowadays people have started to put decorations in front of tiles and make sure that they are in contrast to tiles. This creates a visual impact and looks appealing to the eye. You can also use this tool to create your visual effect. You can follow a theme or layout to accomplish this task. 

The right tiler 

When you are done with selecting tiles then the very next and vital step to hire a suitable and experienced tiler for the execution of the task, a skilful and experienced tiler can handle any type of tiling job weather its ceramic tile or glass tile of any other material. You can only trust the Shepparton Bathroom Tiling professionals for the best results. Because we never compromise on work quality and will work till your satisfaction. 

Reputations and reviews 

Always ensure that the company or individual you are going to hire for work is certified and legalized. You should also check the reviews about them online or ask people about them. The companies are better than individuals because they are more serious about maintaining their reputation. So, they will help you with any issue to keep their reputation. 


A portfolio is like a showcase of past work. It represents the potential and skills of an individual or company. You must look at the tiler’s portfolios before hiring them to make sure that they are capable of the job. Most professional tilers pay a lot of attention to portfolio maintenance. They keep it updated and good looking. It helps them get more jobs and get the trust of employees fast. 

Quality of work 

Never compromise on the quality of work. A tiler who used ancient techniques and old rusty tools is not the best option. The reason is that the modern finish requires modern tools and techniques that only Shepparton Bathroom Tiling professionals can provide. Modern tools not only help in saving time, but the finishing of work is better with them. Shepparton Tiling & Waterproofing offers quality services at highly affordable rates. Let us make your tiling project a great success.  

Bathroom renovation job done by our tiling experts in Shepparton with wood look floor tiles

Questions to ask 

You must ask these questions from your tiler before hiring him 

When can the tiler start? 

Most tilers are booked for weeks, so before you hire a tiler, you must ask them the time when they are available. So, you can match your free time or time when you will be available at home to supervise the tiling work.  

How long will the job take? 

Shepparton Bathroom Tiling expert can give you an estimated time of job completion in an instant because of his years of experience. 

What is covered in the quote? 

You should be clear about what is covered in the quote the tiler has provided. Ask them in detail about it. 

If you are looking for a professional tiling contractor, please be sure to contact Shepparton Tiling & Waterproofing. You may call us also at 0490379184 or email us at [email protected]

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