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Although the wall tiles have not been popular like the floor counterparts, the features are water-resistant, durable, and stylish. These tiles are simply the perfect choice for your kitchen, bathrooms, shower walls, and backsplashes. 

Several materials are used to manufacture wall tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, natural stones, glass, and metal, among others.  Further, recent technology development has led to the explosion of shapes, styles, colours, and sizes in tiles. 

These changes have opened up the market, and homeowners can give their homes a Shepparton wall tiling treatment.  

Bathroom shower wall tiling job we completed in Shepparton with wood look porcelain tiles

The Differences between Wall and Floor Tiles 

  • Wall tiles are both light and thin, thus adding less weight to your wall. These options are easy to install. They have decorative patterns and detailed textures. On the other hand, floor tiles are thicker and sturdier since they have to withstand the foot traffic. More so, the floor tiles have less detailed texture.  
  • Floor tiles may be installed on the walls as long as you take into consideration their weight, size, and manufacturer’s instructions.  Further, you should consult professionals such as the Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing before laying floor tiles on your bathroom or kitchen walls. Shepparton wall tiling can’t be installed on the floor because they are thin and can’t withstand the weight and foot traffic.  

Different Types of Shepparton Wall Tiles  

Most people think that all tiles are similar; however, there are significant differences among all the accessible tiling materials. As a result, one kind of Shepparton wall tiling is superior to the rest. The following are the common wall tile materials.   

Ceramic Tiles

These are made of a mixture of clay and water. The mixture is moulded into tiles, dried, and fired inside a kiln at high temperatures. There are two types of ceramic tiles; namely, glazed ceramic tiles, which are waterproof and unglazed ceramic tiles that have a natural look, are water-resistant but not waterproof. 

Porcelain Tiles

These are denser and durable than ceramic tiles because they have kaolin, feldspar, and quartz. 

Natural Stone Tile

These are the luxuriant wall tiling for your kitchen and bathrooms. Stones have different patterns and gorgeous colour variations, thus increased demand. Limestone, granite, and travertine are the most popular natural stones for your wall tile treatment. On the other hand, most natural stone tiles are costly to install and maintain. Thus, consider them when money is not a constraint and regularly seal them to maintain their practical functionality and beauty.  

Wall Tiles Shapes  

The market is offering unique tile shapes besides simple rectangles and squares. The Shepparton wall tiling is available in the following shapes.   

Fish Scales or Fans 
Bathroom wall tiling job done in Shepparton with fishscale wall tiles

One of the biggest bathroom wall tiles trends right now is fan or fish scales. These unique shapes offer a fish scale feature, thus enhancing your walls’ aesthetic value. 


The shape offers a modern and classic look. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for your mosaic design or abstract patterns. You can use hexagons to create a unique tile transition. 


A diamond-shaped tile can give you a modern classic twist. The diagonal lines make the room appear larger and keep the eyes engaged. 

Penny Rounds 

Circular or penny round tiles are an excellent option for homeowners seeking fun and modern look. These Shepparton wall tilings are not only circular but smaller and laid in a mosaic style. 

Stars and Crosses 

Interlocking stars and crosses are used to create an intricate style and pattern that is both bold and classic.  

Subway Tiles 

While other shapes are more adventurous, subway tiles are still wildly popular, and that is why most bathroom and kitchen have subway tiles today. 

Wall Tile Styles 

Stone Look 

The most popular styles or classic looks are stone-look and marble-look. These options are used to create a luxurious, elegant atmosphere, particularly in backsplashes and showers. Further, they increase your home resale value because they’re high-end Shepparton wall tiling.  


A wood-look is an excellent option for your accent wall and can blend well with any style. Today, manufacturers can create mosaic wood sheets and panels.  


Glass tiles are used to create an eye-catching style. You can purchase pre-assembled mosaic tile sheets because they are easy to cut to the required size, and install them as a shower accent or backsplash. Manufacturers create a single unique design by combining different materials such as stone, glass, and ceramic into innovative mosaic sheets. 


The trending wall tiles are patterned and decorative as well as available in styles such as vintage, retro, Moroccan, and farmhouse. Some decorative tiles have an encaustic cement tile look and can give any space a touch of personality and colour. 

Pros of Shepparton Wall Tiles 


most wall tile materials can endure bumps and scrapes they encounter every day. Porcelain tiles are both scratch-resistant and durable, while others can last longer when well maintained through sealing. 

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Glazing makes tiles waterproof, thus the perfect choice for your bathroom, backsplashes, and kitchens. 


Tiles can be created to resemble materials like wood, bricks, or natural stones. As a result, different, new designs are being introduced in the market regularly.  


Shepparton wall tiling is versatile, covering materials that allow you to choose the shape, size, colour, finish, and pattern. You can achieve any design in your mind because tiles are easily customizable.   



Tiles have a heftier price tag compared to painting your wall. However, they’re durable, stylish, and waterproof. 

It’s challenging to install

Generally, tiles are tough to install, and wall tiles have their unique challenges too. For instance, you have to ensure that the tiles don’t slip down before the mortar dries off. Although you can do the Shepparton wall tiling by yourself, hiring a professional is highly recommended.  

Bottom Line  

As indicated, there is a lot of information to learn about Shepparton wall tiling. You can contact Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing for more information about the best wall tiles and a quote to install them on your house’s walls. The team of experts will install tiles on your backsplashes, kitchen, and bathroom walls.   

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