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Properly installed waterproofing is a great way to make sure components of your home or business will stand the test of time. We want our clients to have tiling that lasts with the least amount of necessary maintenance.  Our highly trained experts make sure we do things right the first time, choosing the right waterproofing membrane for the job.  Working on domestic waterproofing, including kitchens and pools, we help homeowners prevent leaks before they happen.  Our services not only help ensure bathrooms are properly waterproofed against potential accidents, but outdoor spaces are protected from the elements.  We also provide commercial waterproofing for a variety to businesses.


Waterproofing domestic spaces is a great way to keep a house safe from leaks. It also protects yourself from needing to make frequent maintenance calls.  Our Shepparton waterproofing company helps local homeowners keep themselves dry from the basement to rooftop.  For indoor spaces, we waterproof bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms as well as other areas that are subject to water.  Outdoors we can also help protect balconies and pool decks, preventing potentially damaging leaks.  We also waterproof indoor and outdoor tiles ensuring the longevity of floors and walls.  Whether it’s a new build or updating the waterproofing on existing structures, our professionals help your home stay dry.


Just as homes need to be protected against water damages, businesses need to receive the same treatment.  Outdoors, we work on pools and fountains, making sure tiles and their adjacent structures are protected from leaks.  We also waterproof balconies against the elements, preventing leaks that could lead to structural damage and become potentially hazardous. Our team also provide waterproofing services for interiors, including bathrooms, and communal showers, in addition to choosing waterproofing membranes that best fit the job. We also amend cracks and other leaks that compromise the safety of a given area. It is to ensure that the damages don’t come back.


For both homes and businesses, waterproofing a bathroom is something that can save tons of time and money on costly repairs.  Poor waterproofing may fail, resulting in cracks, problems with moulds and structural defects such as concrete cancers. With our waterproofing services, we focus our skills on leak prevention which can cause major damages.  We make sure bathroom tiles are properly sealed, using the highest quality products, including the right adhesives. While most people are aware, the shower tiles need a waterproofing seal. Many are unaware that the moisture from hot showers requires floor tiles and another bathroom tiling to be waterproofed as well.  We also work with existing structures to reinstall waterproofing or update worn down coats.

Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to waterproofing outdoor spaces, our changing Shepparton seasons can affect the amount of care we need to put into our weather exposed areas.  We service decks and balconies, ensuring they stay dry as a preventative measure against future damages.  We also waterproof pools creating waterproof seals around the necessary elements.  In the case of damages, we not only use waterproofing membranes and silicone grouting. We can also repair larger cracks with epoxies and polyurethane.  Protecting a home or business, both inside and out is one of the many reasons our clients use our services to ensure their safety.