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Shower Repairs


Having a broken shower is not only inconvenient but can quickly spiral out of control into some other problems.  When tiles and waterproofing are damaged or faulty, leaks can occur that can lead to major issues for the homeowner.  Our team of expert tilers at Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing know how to identify these problems and prevent damages before they occur.  We conduct all types of repairs from new shower tiling, to making sure the shower pan has the correct shower underlay.  Our company provides high-quality workmanship that’s fast and efficient, making shower repairs and simple as possible for our clients.


The leaking of the shower is one of the most common issues faced by most homeowners that can cause household water-logging and dampening.
Having a leaky shower may seem like a small problem, but this small problem can quickly become a sizeable affair for homeowners.  When our clients contact us for shower repairs, our experts come ready to detect the location and cause of the leak.  Depending on the extent of the damage, we take the necessary steps to correct the issue as simply as possible.  In some cases, we need to reapply the waterproofing, but more severe issues may warrant a need for bigger solutions.  If necessary, we can fully reinstall the shower tiling for larger problem areas, or do a shower pan replacement.

Signs of a Shower Leak

Even without an expert consultation, many signs can indicate a leak in a shower.  Shower leaks can cause all types of problems related to trapped moisture and are highly detrimental to the house as a whole.  One common sign is the appearance of a damp or musty smell coming from the bathroom or even a nearby area where moisture may be trapped.  In cases where the leak has existed for a while, there may also be swelling boards and paint damage as the result of a build-up of dampness.  This wetness can also lead to the growth of mould.

Effects of Leaks

Though sometimes the side effects of a leak might be minimal or seem like no big deal, the long term effects can be hazardous to a home.  As a result of capturing unwanted moisture, the damage may not be limited to the bathroom but can extend to other areas of the home.  This can lead to the rotting of floorboards as well as other structural damage, including weakened infrastructure.  On serious multilevel leaks, there could also be ceiling damage in the room below.  Depending on the layout of the house, trapped water may also lead to electrical problems, including circuit damage.

Our Service

The reason why our Shepparton bathroom team is here to help our customers with shower repairs is to avoid the issues relating to a leak.  We target the cause of the problem not only to eliminate it but make sure it doesn’t come back.  The inconvenience of having an out of order bathroom is an unpleasant occurrence we want to minimise for clients which is why we strive to provide the fastest service available, sometimes even having the same day turn around.  During shower repairs, once the problem is addressed, we make sure to perform the proper grouting and silicone installation that prevents future leaks.