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Stone Tiling


The use of stone tiling is one of the most innovative ways to add a touch of uniqueness to your home.  Because stone tiles are natural, no two looks are the same - one of the many reasons our clients love it so much.  Stone tiles can be tricky, which is why professionals should install them.  There are several types of natural stone to choose from, and our team is here to find the one that best suits a home.  In addition to a quality installation, we provide the finishing touches that protect your tiles from wear and tear.


When it comes to stone tile installation, using our professional Shepparton tiling company will guarantee a job well done.  Stone tiles can be finicky, and our tilers are here to do the installation right the first time.  We start with creating a level surface using concrete underlay that properly supports the tiles.  With DIY stone tiles, home installers often run into trouble using the wrong adhesives that cause stains in porous stone tiles.  Our experts not only use the highest quality materials but provide expert artistry when it comes to pairing inconsistent natural tiles.  We also provide the necessary sealing work to protect the tiles from stains and scratches.


When our clients choose stone tiling for their homes, our experts help them decide on the type of stone they want to use.  There’s a huge variety of materials out there, each coming with its own unique appearance, as well as different levels of absorption that make some types better than others.

Natural stone is durable and sturdy. Also, it gives elegance and style, making it a good choice for the bathroom remodelling. Our tile specialists are ready with an assortment of samples, including granite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, marble and slate, among others.  Each of these types of stone has different levels of porousness which is where we recommend less porous materials for kitchens, as well as suggesting types that best suit hallways or outdoor spaces.

Unique Traits

One of the many reasons stone tiling is so popular is because of its unusual qualities.  Because they are a natural material, each title provides a unique look, meaning each home with stone tiling will look different.  They also add a high-end appearance to any home because of their diversity.  In addition to their visual qualities, tiling a floor with stone is great for high traffic areas.  The materials, when properly sealed, are very durable, meaning less maintenance for the homeowner. This also makes them highly versatile, being used for both indoor and outdoor tiling with equal levels of beauty and practicality.


Maintaining stone tiling can be fairly simple, another factor that contributes to their popularity.  Our team of tile installers not only make sure to provide the best laying services, but also provide care instructions so our installations will last.  Stone tiles are easy to clean and durable, which is why they’re great for use in high traffic areas in the home.  Though these types of tiles can be porous with varying absorptions rates, our team takes great care to make sure they’re properly sealed.  We can also schedule necessary appointments to make sure the sealant is maintained over time.