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When you hire a tiling contractor, the very first time you consider the work to be done correctly. Sadly, you often don’t have the advantage to see the work of the contractor in advance and realize what you need to prevent. Instead, we’ve brought these warning signs together to save you from hiring an unqualified tile contractor and more like a tile “placer”.
Thus, you can guarantee that the wonderful tile installation in the eye of your mind will have every chance to become reality and gives you joy for the coming years.

Warning Signs When Hiring a Tile Contractor
Verify Contractor’s Contact Information

It is necessary to have not only a name and telephone number but also an address in order to check these details in Google. To search this information in Google, it is important to have also the address. Be extremely wary if you cannot access valuable information or check their name, email, phone number, and other details.

Before Your Tile Project Starts, You Are Asked To Pay Cash

Before the job starts, being forced to pay in cash will make you very nervous. And even more so if the tile installer doesn’t have a signed contract. A contract’s value is that it establishes limits on your plan for you and the contractor. If you are not happy with the job, it also gives you recourse. Ensure that both parties have agreed to sign and dated it.

Watch Out For Very Low Prices Or Quotes

Installing a quality tile requires time, expertise, proper materials and a knowledge of how to fulfil your project expectations.
A “too good to be true” tile installation price was just that! This typically means that the person does not have at least two years of provable background as a lead contractor in the proper-time framework of ceramic tile, not to mention that they are not familiar with the most creative products on the market and the good practices used in their implementation.

References Checking

It’s a must to check references. References give you useful insight into your project and the safest way to work with your tiling contractor. Typically, pleased customers are happy to chat regarding their tile installation’s finer points. If no references were received and/or you can not follow any of the given references, be very careful. References that you may not be able to reach do not exist.
When the contractor fails to provide references from previous clients, this may be because he/she does not want you to know about the bad quality job or inability to perform the project within the schedule proposed.

Unresponsive Contractor

Once you ask questions about your tiling contractor, what kind of answer do you get? Have your questions been answered considerately? Do you feel like learning from the answers?
If you are unable to connect with your contractor effectively, be very worried. Many tile installation works are intensive and implicated; they occur in your home and entail the long-term loss of use of the affected space.
Meaning, for a length of time, you might not be able to use a kitchen or bathroom. Realizing what is going to happen and when is critical to a successful project. You need to feel at ease in exchanging information and assured that your contractor can comprehend your goal and demands.

Unable To Reach Your Tile Contractor

We are all busy, however, in real-time it is sometimes difficult to respond to calls, messages or emails. That being said, be careful if your contractor does not reliably respond back to you in 24 hours. Be worried if you observe a sequence of commitments to respond by a certain date/time falling through or generating excuses constantly.

Ignoring The Requirements Of The Project

Your aim to employ a professional tile contractor is to bring your dream of a lovely tiled kitchen, bathroom or floor and help make it happen. As well as for the coming years, it remains just as stunning. Indeed, which involves installation by experts. It also involves responding to you and respecting the project needs entirely.

Be careful if you believe that the tile placer does not listen to you or fulfil your standards. Once the tile installer and the client evaluate and assess the project specifications and how to meet them is a successful tile installation.
Avoid a tiling disaster and call in the professionals.

At Shepparton Tiling and Waterproofing, we deliver quality services. In Shepparton, we are one of the most trusted direct tiling contractors. For more information contact us 0490 379 184 or email us at [email protected]

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