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Tiling Floor and Wall

tiler applying tiles on wall

As a respected Shepparton tiling company, we’re here to serve our clients for all of their wall and floor tiling needs.  We make sure the whole room is well attended to from tiling bathroom walls to tiling a floor, and shower tiling.  Though there are many surfaces in bathrooms and laundry rooms that can benefit from our tiling installation, we also tile kitchens, including tiling a kitchen splashback or installing sleek new subway tiling that can modernise a space.  We provide the proper tile underlay, making sure the freshly laid tiles will last, avoiding future problems.


When it comes to tiling walls, our expert team of Shepparton tilers make sure the job gets done correctly from the beginning.  In addition to creating a space that’s easy to clean, wall tiling can be a stylish way to decorate a modern space.  Our clients use our tiling installations in their bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms to create a space that’s easy to clean especially when it comes the stains and dirt of everyday activities.  One of our most popular designs for kitchens and bathrooms alike is the installation of backsplash tiling, which is a modern aesthetic that looks great and is easy to clean. A tile backsplash serves a practical function by protecting walls from splashes, but it has become a common way to add eye-catching elegance to your kitchen and bathroom.


When our team arrives for a project that involves tiling a floor, we make sure space is properly prepared.  The use of the right tile underlay is vital to the longevity of the floor. The right underlay prevents tiles from flexing underfoot, which can cause future damages. We advise on the best types of floor tiling to use for a given room.  And we educate our clients on the benefits of durable porcelain floor tiling in high traffic areas such as kitchens, or the best weather-friendly stone tiles for outdoor spaces.  We can also provide tiling over tiles in cases where the original tiles are undamaged and provide a safe foundation.


The part of households that we most often address is the installation of bathroom tiling for renovations, repairs and new builds.  Our team installs tiling for walls and floors, both for the shower area as well as the room as a whole.  When we’re tiling for bathrooms, we take extra special care to make sure the tiles are properly sealed, especially the shower and surrounding areas.  We use silicone to seal the joints, as well as providing bathroom waterproofing that prevents leaks and make sure tiles will last.  In tiling bathroom walls and floors, we help our clients choose the materials with the best moisture resistance and easy cleaning.


Though most people associate home tiling with their bathroom, the kitchen can be a great place to use tiles for a unique, modern look.  We help clients decide on the best materials from porcelain floor tiling to stylish subway tiling.  Our tile installers not only make sure the tiles look great but that they’re the right ones for the job - meaning they are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.  We also install beautiful kitchen splashbacks that add an extra element of stain-resistant, easy cleaning elegance.   Because kitchens are such high traffic areas in most homes, we also make sure floors are properly sealed to protect the investment in the floor.